What are two blankets warmer than one?


It's cold outside, and you want to snuggle up with your partner. You grab two blankets and wrap yourself up, but somehow you're still not feeling comfortable. It's not an uncommon problem - two blankets may seem like the perfect solution to keep you warm, but there's a reason why you're still not feeling satisfied. In this article, we'll explore why two blankets may not be enough to keep you warm and what alternatives can work better.

Why two blankets are often not enough?

When you add up the total weight of two blankets, it may seem like a substantial amount of insulation. However, two thinner blankets have more gaps between them that allow cold air to seep through. Moreover, the weight may not be evenly distributed, making it difficult to keep it in one place. When you move during your sleep, the blankets may shift around, leaving you exposed to the cold air, which can ruin your sleep.

What are the alternatives to two blankets?

A thicker blanket

A thicker blanket can provide all the warmth and insulation you need without the bulk of two blankets. Look for a thicker blanket made of materials like wool, fleece or down that are known for their heat retention properties. Additionally, a thicker blanket will not move around as much as two thin blankets, so you're less likely to experience any cold spots during the night.

A heated blanket

A heated blanket is the perfect solution if you're looking for a warm and cozy night's sleep. These blankets are equipped with built-in heating coils that provide a steady flow of warmth throughout the night. You can adjust the heat settings according to your personal preference, and some heated blankets even come with dual controls so that each side of the bed can be heated separately.

A duvet

A duvet is a quilt filled with feathers, down or synthetic materials that can offer insulating properties. A duvet can be used in place of your regular blankets and is usually thicker and warmer than a regular blanket. Duvets can be easily removed and washed, making them a practical and comfortable addition to your bed.

A weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is usually filled with glass or plastic beads and is designed to provide a sense of deep pressure stimulation. The weight of the blanket can range from 5 to 30 pounds, depending on the individual's preference. Weighted blankets can improve sleep quality by reducing anxiety, stress, and increasing the production of serotonin and melatonin.

A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is not just for camping; it can offer excellent insulation for your bed and keep you warm on the coldest of nights. A sleeping bag is made from materials that are lightweight, durable, and offer good insulation, like synthetic materials or down feathers. Some sleeping bags have zippers on both sides, allowing two people to share the bag.


In conclusion, two blankets may seem like a good idea to keep you warm, but they may not be enough to keep you comfortable on a cold night. A thicker blanket, a heated blanket, a duvet, a weighted blanket, or a sleeping bag are just a few of the options available that can provide the warmth and comfort that you need for a good night's sleep. Choose the option that suits your budget and personal preferences to enjoy the perfect blanket for those long winter nights.


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