How do you wash 100% wool blankets?


Wool blankets have always been a popular choice for keeping warm during cold seasons. They offer ample warmth and a cozy, homey feeling. However, the challenge often comes when it's time to wash them. Wool is a delicate material, and you want to ensure that your blanket stays in good condition even after washing. In this article, we share some tips on how to wash 100% wool blankets.

1. Check the blanket's care label

Before starting the washing process, check the care label on your blanket. This label provides information on how to handle your blanket to maintain its quality. Some blankets may prescribe dry cleaning only, while others can be hand washed or machine-washed. Be sure to note the recommended temperature, detergent, and water level to avoid damaging the blanket.

2. Handwashing your wool blanket

If the care label recommends hand washing, here is how to do it.

Start by filling up a washbasin, bathtub, or sink with cold water. Add a gentle wool detergent to the water and mix well. Avoid using regular detergents and hot water as they may damage the wool fibers.

Submerge the blanket in the water and agitate it gently, but do not wring or twist the blanket. Let it soak for approximately 10 minutes.

Afterward, drain the water, rinse the blanket until soap residues are removed, and then gently squeeze out the excess water.

3. Using a washing machine

If the wool blanket can be machine-washed, here are the steps to follow:

Place the wool blanket separately in the washing machine.

Select the delicate cycle and adjust the water temperature to cold. Hot water can shrink and damage the woolen fibers.

Add a mild wool detergent on the drum or dispenser and start the machine.

After the washing cycle is over, avoid the temptation to use a fabric conditioner, as it can damage the wool blanket's fibers. Instead, rinse the blanket gently using cold water and remove excess water by pressing the blanket between the hands.

4. Drying the wool blanket

After washing, avoid the temptation to wring, shake or twist the blanket as this can misshape it. Instead, press the blanket gently between your hands or use a towel to remove the excess water.

Next, lay the blanket flat on a drying rack or any flat surface. Avoid exposing the wool blanket to direct sunlight or heat, as it can easily shrink and fade. Turn the blanket occasionally to ensure it dries evenly.

5. Additional tips

If you own a wool blanket with fringes, untangle the fringes using a wide-toothed comb.

To avoid shrinkage, never expose the wool blanket to high heat temperatures in the dryer.

If your wool blanket has stains, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. Instead, use a mild soap and cold water to remove the stains.

In conclusion, wool blankets provide warmth and comfort, but you need to give them proper care to maintain their quality. The above tips should help you wash your wool blanket without damaging the delicate fibers. Remember to read the care label and note the recommended washing method, detergent, and water temperature before washing your wool blanket.


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