How to care for cashmere blanket


Cashmere blankets are luxury items that require special care to ensure their longevity and maintain their softness and warmth. Whether you have just purchased a new cashmere blanket or have an old one that needs some TLC, this comprehensive guide will provide you with essential tips on how to properly care for your cashmere treasure.

1. Understanding Cashmere

Before diving into the care instructions, it's important to have a basic understanding of cashmere. Cashmere is a natural fiber sourced from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Considered one of the finest and softest materials available, cashmere blankets offer unparalleled warmth and comfort. However, due to their delicate nature, these blankets require gentle care.

2. Washing Your Cashmere Blanket

Washing cashmere blankets might seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be done with ease. Start by reading the care label attached to your blanket to check for any specific instructions. If there are none, follow these general steps:

- Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water, as it can shrink and damage the fibers.

- Add a few drops of mild detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics.

- Gently swirl the blanket in the water, ensuring it is evenly soaked. Avoid rubbing or wringing the fabric, as this can lead to stretching or distortion.

- Let the blanket soak for about 10 minutes to allow the detergent to penetrate the fibers and lift any dirt.

- Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with fresh lukewarm water to rinse the blanket. Repeat this process until the water runs clear, indicating that all the detergent has been removed.

- Squeeze out excess water gently by pressing the blanket against the sides of the basin. Avoid twisting or wringing to prevent damage.

- Lay the blanket on a clean, dry towel and roll it up to remove additional moisture. Press down on the rolled towel to extract as much water as possible.

- Finally, reshape the blanket to its original size and lay it flat on a clean, dry surface away from direct sunlight or heat sources to air dry.

3. Dealing with Stains

Accidents happen, and your cashmere blanket might encounter some stains. Prompt action is crucial when tackling stains to prevent them from setting and becoming more challenging to remove. Here's what you can do:

- Blot the stain with a clean, white cloth or paper towel to absorb any excess liquid.

- Mix a small amount of gentle detergent with cool water to create a mild cleaning solution.

- Dip a clean cloth or sponge into the solution and gently dab the stain, starting from the outer edges and working your way inward. Avoid rubbing, as it can damage the fibers.

- Continue dabbing until the stain fades. If necessary, repeat the process with a fresh cleaning solution.

- Rinse the area with clean water and blot again to remove any residue.

- Air dry the blanket as mentioned in the washing instructions above.

4. Preventing Pilling

Pilling is a common occurrence with cashmere blankets and happens when loose fibers tangle and form small bobbles. While it is a natural process, you can take preventive measures to minimize pilling:

- Dry clean your cashmere blanket rather than washing it frequently. Dry cleaning helps maintain the quality of the fibers and reduces the chances of pilling.

- Avoid hanging your blanket on hooks or sharp edges, as they can catch and pull the fibers, leading to pilling.

- Fold your blanket neatly and store it in a clean, dry place. Avoid overcrowding, as it can lead to friction and pilling.

5. Storing Your Cashmere Blanket

Proper storage is crucial to protect your cashmere blanket and keep it in superb condition when not in use. Follow these guidelines for optimal storage:

- Clean the blanket thoroughly before storing to remove any dirt, oils, or odors that might attract pests.

- Choose a breathable storage bag or a cotton pillowcase to cover the blanket. Avoid using plastic bags, as they can trap moisture and promote mildew or mold growth.

- Store the blanket in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Attics, basements, and damp areas should be avoided.

- Periodically check on your stored cashmere blanket to ensure it remains in good condition and does not undergo any damage.

Caring for your cashmere blanket requires a gentle touch and mindful cleaning, but the effort is well worth it. With proper care and attention, your cashmere blanket will provide you with warmth and comfort for years to come. So go ahead, indulge in the luxury of a cashmere blanket, and relish its soft embrace.


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