Are wool army blankets warm?


Are Wool Army Blankets Warm?

When it comes to choosing the ideal blanket to keep us warm during the cold winter months, most of us are spoilt for choice. With so many options available in the market, it can be rather overwhelming for anyone to make an informed decision. One option that has stood the test of time and is widely used by many is the wool army blanket.

First used in the military, these blankets quickly became popular among civilians due to their durability, reliability, and warmth. But the question remains, are wool army blankets warm enough to tackle even the coldest of nights? In this article, we will explore and answer that question.

What Makes Wool Army Blankets Warm?

Wool army blankets are made from high-quality wool fibers which have numerous unique characteristics that lend them to be one of the best insulators available. Wool naturally traps body heat, making it ideal for those chilly winter nights. As a result, wool army blankets can keep you warm and toasty even when the temperature drops.

In addition to its insulating properties, wool is also naturally moisture-wicking, making it perfect for use in humid places. Unlike many synthetic materials, wool can regulate body temperature efficiently. In the case of a wool army blanket, it can keep you warm without causing you to overheat or become too hot.

The Density of the Blanket

When it comes to evaluating the warmth of a wool army blanket, density plays a crucial role. The denser the fibers, the warmer the blanket will be. In general, wool army blankets tend to be denser than other wool blankets, which adds to their insulation ability.

The Thickness of the Blanket

Another factor to consider when determining the warmth of a wool army blanket is the thickness. Thin wool blankets may not provide enough warmth, especially during the coldest winter nights. It is ideal to look for a wool army blanket with a minimum thickness of a quarter-inch.

Overall Quality of the Blanket

The quality of wool in the blanket is directly proportional to its warmth. High-quality wool offers better insulation than the lower grade wool. Additionally, the overall quality of the blanket also plays a part in its insulating abilities. A well-made wool army blanket will provide better warmth than a poorly made one.

The Condition of the Blanket

Lastly, the condition of the wool army blanket will also determine its warmth. As wool ages, it loses some of its insulating abilities. Regular use and washing also cause fibers to flatten, reducing the blanket's density and thickness, making it less warm. It is best to purchase a new wool army blanket or maintain your existing one correctly.


Wool army blankets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a warm and comfortable blanket. Not only are they dense and thick, but they also provide excellent insulating abilities, making them perfect for use during the winter months.

When shopping for a wool army blanket, ensure you take into consideration each of the factors mentioned in this article to guarantee maximum warmth and comfort. As long as you invest in a high-quality and well-maintained wool army blanket, you will enjoy its warmth for many years to come.


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